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Ceramic Band Heaters
Ceramic Band Heaters
Introduction :
  • Ceramic Band Heaters are manufactured by using special ceramic insulation material ' Steatite ' and fabricated with stainless steel sheet.
  •  The heating coils is made of high quality Nichrome wires.The spot welded clamp bars, Allen screw clamping provides a uniform clamping.
  • Ceramic Band Heaters are used for heating of moulds,dies,nozzles and barrels on all types of plastic processing machinery.
  • Heaters having high watt densities provide high operating temperature, resulting into high productivity.
  • Maximum sheet temperature up to 800 degree Celsius

Application :

These heaters are suitable to apply heat by conduction to cylinderical surfaces-Injection Moulding M/cs, Plastic & Rubber Extrudgers, Dies, Drum Heating, Blow Moulding M/cs.

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