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Oil Baths
Oil Baths
Introduction :
  • These bath are combination of high heat transfer with excellent in heat capacity & uniformity of behaviour.
  • Double walled in construction with inner of heavy gauge S.S. & exterior of G.I. sheet finished in epoxy powder coated shade.
  • Available in construction with inner & exterior with heavy gauge S.S. matt finished in GMP model.
  • High grade glaswool insulation in between the walls to minimize the heat loss.
  • Flame Proof material submersible heaters are available for Oil Bath.
  • Heaters are fabricated flame proof by covering the various heating element with S.S. Tube insulated with M.G.O. Powder.
  • S.S. Cooling Coil is connected to the bath that assures faster cooling of the materials in the bath.
  • PTR 100 Ohms Sensor is available in the sensor for the exact measurement of temperature.
  • Digital controller provides exact control and avoids overheating of material that saves the energy.
  • Cooling Coil is tested at the 2 Kg/Sq. Inch pressure.
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