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Immersion Heaters

Alkaline Immersion Heaters
Introduction :
  • We offer premium quality Alkaline Immersion Heater. It is Made out of S.S316L,
  •  it is used for heating alkaline solutions, wax, paraffin, solvent vapor cleaning, salt baths, soft metal melting.
  • Most Alkaline cleaning solutions, detergents and chemicals are normally corrosive to mild steel. Thus, for heating water or alkali solutions, wax, paraffin, fuel oil pre-heating vegetable or mineral oils, picking, quenching and rinsing solution soft metal melting, solvent vapour cleaning, electroplating solution, chromic phosphoric, our alkaline heaters are used.

Applications:-  Pharmaceutical.chemical, textile, nuclear and many more industries.

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Immersion Heaters
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